Freelander - Art
Brian Freelander - Artist
For me art is the interaction between the product and recipient, the product can take on many disguises, music, dance, visual arts etc etc. but the intention should always be to evoke a feeling or response.

As a visual artist it’s the unexpected reactions of the media utilized that really excite, the flick of the brush that creates the unintended blend of different colours or tilting the board when applying a watercolour wash and just watching the colours mix and flow. This is not to say that I approach my work without a pre conceived vision of the finished piece, it’s just that there are many different roads to go down to achieve the desired result and sometimes taking the different route produces the more exciting experience, a magical mystery tour you might say. I then hope that the viewer experiences their own interaction and if they do I feel the job has been done.

I am an artist without any formal art education or training, but I have had that unswerving desire to produce responsive images in an attempt to create pieces with atmosphere and feeling.

Born in Southend, Essex I then spent the first 2 years of my life in Poole, Dorset, after which I moved to London’s East End before finally coming back home in 2005. I have been married to Vivienne since 1974 I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren, more to come, I hope.  
My working life has been spent as a designer in the architectural and graphics professions, and in 1987 achieved the acceptance as a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustrators.

I am in awe of Seago, Hilder, Turner and Flint, and currently follow the works of Andre Khon, Andrew Salgado, Ryan Hewitt, Peter Wileman, David Atkins and Maggie Siner.